Sling Shot Reload

Fellow Constituents of our Universe,

I awoke this morning; I suspect feeling differently than many of my peers, friends, and colleagues. Of course, at the forefront most minds if not in America, around the world is the Presidential elections in tangry-birds-slingshot-clipart-1he United States. This too was a driving factor of how I felt, and the reality is I can’t describe to you how I felt, so perhaps this note will not only be an expression of thought, but a conduit of description.

I can say I certainly wasn’t joyful of our electoral results; I was not deeply saddened or disappointed either. Perhaps a messy mix of nervousness, apprehension, and a hint of relief and freedom – yes freedom.

I was (and am) reminded of the moment a dear loved one passed away several years ago. What I thought should be been an onslaught on tears and weeping (and yes , I wanted to weep), I was relieved. When my loved one passed, I was relieved that they were free of physical suffering; and this morning, I was free. Free from the current daily hate speech, free from the contentious news feeds, free from the nasty digital back and forth we as humans spit to each other on social media, and most of all free to step back for a proverbial moment, and do what’s most important – RELOAD!

Yes, I’m nervous. I’m scared that our new leader will revoke so much social progress we as a nation and a society have made. I’m concerned that members of communities that were just recently freed from discrimination and still suffer from political and social hatred and bullying will again lose the backing and support of our national leader to guide us as a nation away from discrimination.

As I walked down the street this morning, one could see the confusion on so many faces of not knowing what to expect. Confusion I have never observed before from my neighbors peers, and strangers alike. Then I smiled, as I thought of how progress happens…

Progress doesn’t travel in a straight line, progress becomes static when it’s energy is transferred from excitement to routine. I thought of an old story I learned in Sunday School as a child about how David took out Goliath with his little sling shot. Don’t ask me what made me think of this story, because I honestly can’t answer that. When you shoot a dart or stone from a sling shot, the projectile doesn’t just fly on its own; it must be pulled back tightly, aimed and then finally released. Sometimes the projectile flies and slowly falls to the ground, other times it may hit a target, like David’s Goliath.

Much like the projectile, progress periodically needs to take a breather, get pulled back, and re-aimed and fired again.

Friends, over the next seventy-one days, our projectile from the last eight years will come to what appears to be a graceful fall to the ground. Let us not weep, cry, complain, or exude the same hate the foregone enemy won his race with but rather quickly pick up that progress, transfer that negative energy into pulling back and aiming for our next set of goals before we have a chance to release it in two years.

While the majority may be saddened by these results, (at least at the current tally of the popular vote, it’s the majority); we must look out for each other. We must encourage our fellow gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, trans and queer friends, friends of differing faiths, and of all creeds; we are charged with looking after our disabled neighbors who are unable to stand up and defend themselves, we are mandated under the law of love to care for those are are ill and need healthcare and healing, and we are driven to heard as the mature, responsible, and outspoken constituents of society we’ve fought so hard to be. None of these directives are controlled by laws or officials, they are controlled and governed by love and compassion.

Today, I extend my hand for you to hold. I offer my shoulder to lean on and my heart to love with. We preach that we conquer with love; if this is our truth, hate cannot triumph.

Be blessed and love too much! – Until next time


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