An old soul fully immersed in a hybrid of a GenX-Millennial generation gracefully finding his way to the universal promised land. Sibling-less, hopelessly seeking the one to receive seemingly endless love, married, divorced, a bullied bully, flirtations with death while coping with countless loss; a lifetime of stories in less than four decades and growing.

Welcome to my story and my journey to Nirvana.

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Avoiding Sure-Fail Obligatory Resolutions – A Prequal

It’s that time of year. The holidays upon us; We’ve all eaten and drank too much, we’re looking down at our guts, wishing we could see our feet, opening our wallets wishing the THOUGHT of money didn’t create a physical soreness where we keep our wallets stashed. Opening and reading social media, the morning and … Continue reading Avoiding Sure-Fail Obligatory Resolutions – A Prequal

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